braemar-magiqtouch-controllerLove heating throughout the whole home? Like the idea of having different levels of heating in different rooms? Want to be able to add extra heat to your bedrooms on icy cold nights?

Albury Wodonga Heating and Cooling are specialists in the supply, installation and service of gas ducted heating systems. We can install ducted gas heaters in both new and existing residences and the outlets can be underfloor or through the ceiling, depending on the structure of the house.

A ducted gas heating system includes a number of essential components:

  • The heater itself
  • Insulated ducts that carry air from and to the heater
  • Vents (also known as grilles or registers) that spread air into individual rooms and return air to the heater
  • A thermostat

Gas heaters work by passing cold air over a heat exchanger, which is warmed by gas combustion. The warmed air is then pushed through ducts into the home via a series of vents in the ceiling or floor.

A thermostat is installed in the main living area. This senses the air temperature inside the home and sends a signal to the heater to cycle on, or off, to maintain the desired temperature.

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7yr_Comprehensive_Warranty_FSeeley International (Braemar, Breezair, Coolair) products now come with a 7 year comprehensive warranty. This includes ducted evaporative coolers and ducted gas heaters. Subject to terms and conditions available here.